Dog Found Dying by the Roadside Undergoes Incredible Transformation Two Months Later.

All over the world animals are roaming the streets without a home, trying to survive every day. They eat what they can find but some days they have to go without.

These animals are particularly prone to infections and many suffer from diseases such as mange. Thankfully there are many animal heroes who care about these animals and do everything they can to help them.

One animal rescue organization found this poor dog just in time. He had mange and was dying at the side of the road.

Two months later, you won’t believe this dog’s transformation!

The dog was found lying at the side of a road in India, too weak to move.

He was dehydrated and suffering from mange, which is an itchy and uncomfortable disease that had led to this dog losing all its fur. It was in a sorry state.

Staff from  Animal Aid Unlimited , a street animal rescue organization in India, saw the dog at the side of the road and wasted no time in bringing him in.

The animal heroes knew that this dog couldn’t go another day without treatment and couldn’t risk it running away so used a net to catch it.

The dog was very inward on his first day and didn’t want the human heroes to touch it. But staff persevered spending hours trying to feed the poor creature and treat its painful skin condition.

Just ten days after starting treatment, the mange had almost disappeared completely.

And after two months it looked like a completely different dog and its fur and appetite started to return.

When the dog’s fur started to grow back this beautiful white coat appeared and a dog who responded well to love and attention emerged.

Such a difference to the withdrawn sorry state that staff first brought in. Thank goodness for organizations like this in the world.

Watch this dog’s incredible transformation in the clip below and please share to pay tribute to these equally incredible animal heroes!

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