The woman’s empathy motivated her to save a dog stranded in the middle of a snow-covered road.

In the midst of a harsh winter storm that swept across Texas, a heartwarming act of kindness unfolded on a highway. Kristin Salinas, an animal lover, was on her way back from buying tortillas when she spotted a stray dog shivering in the cold. Without hesitation, she knew she had to help.

Approaching the scared and cautious dog was a challenge. The dog wouldn’t allow anyone to get close, making the rescue difficult. But Kristin came up with a clever idea – she used the tortillas she had just bought to entice the dog into her car.

“A Heartfelt Act of Compassion: Woman Uses Tortillas to Rescue Stray Dog in Freezing Texas Winter

A concerned girl used tortillas to save a number of stray dogs wandering along a highway in Texas throughout the cold Inside the wintry weather storms that swept through many elements of the United States, folks worked jointly to save many animals in need.

Kristin Salinas used to purchase food for her family. On one of the simplest ways of living, she spotted a stray dog that used to be about to freeze. Being an animal lover, Kristin didn’t hesitate to go back up with an idea to lend a hand to a deficient dog who urgently sought rescue. The animal may well be very scared, so he is very wary. The dog didn’t allow anyone to approach him, which made it a touch tough to save some a number of him. So, Kristin used the tortillas she had merely bought at the grocery retailer to entice him into the car and save him.

The woman left a trail comprised of tortilla slices for the dog to urge to her car, then again the dog nevertheless didn’t trust her. Irrespective of the heavy snowstorm, Kristin didn’t need to supply up, she wanted to save a number of him and attempted to draw him with the help of tortillas for somewhat part an hour. After expecting a twinkling of an eye, the worried Labrador finally was given right here to Kristin’s car and got into the rear seat.

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