“The martial arts dog becomes a wonderful big brother to the newborn baby when the parents are away.”

Many families contemplate having a child and often opt to adopt a puppy first as an effective way of familiarizing themselves with parenting. This allows them to determine if actually raising children is the right choice for them.

On this miraculous day, the family’s joy was doubled. As they welcomed Bruno into their home through adoption, there was an additional surprise Mom was pregnant! With two bundles of pure happiness hitting them on one single day- life couldn’t have been any sweeter.

Although it may appear daunting, this was the most ideal crash course for preparing to become a parent.

Not only does Bruno love bouncing his toys off of his mother’s pregnant belly, but he is also gaining invaluable knowledge during these critical moments.

As soon as the newborn joins his family, Bruno intuitively assumes the role of big brother. His tenderness and affection towards his younger sibling make him an impeccable new companion.

Bruno and the newborn child have a bond like no other – one that was constructed in heaven.

They giggle, snuggle, fool around together, and cause plenty of havoc – it’s clear to see their connection will last an eternity.

Bruno dotes on his infant sibling with gentle affection. When they’re in the car together, he always makes sure to ride in the back so that he may keep a watchful gaze over him at all times.

It’s truly remarkable to witness dogs’ inherent drive to be guardians. Bruno blissfully assumes the task of a big brother, taking his responsibility with unwavering dedication.

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