The dog’s incessant cries upon his owner’s return after many years of working away from home brought tears to everyone’s eyes.

Do you think that your dog or your cat will forget you forever once you get away from them for a while? If you think like this, you are really underestimating the love and loyalty that characterizes these wonderful animals.

How many times have you seen stories of soldiers reunited with their pets after years of service away from home? Or people who lose their dogs for decades and, by a stroke of luck, run into them again?

This man’s family was prepared to witness one of the most tender reunions in the world

Well, this is the story of a German shepherd named Freya, who never imagined that one day like any other she would see her master again after he was away from home for a few months.

Sometimes we must spend long periods away from our maternal home. Maybe you have to move to another city to study at university, you got a good job offer that forced you to move, or you just got married.

Do you want to see something that will surely steal a smile from you? Well, enjoy this wonderful reunion!

In the case of the subject who stars in this story, he had to do something very difficult: leave his beloved German shepherd at his mother’s house in order to attend work commitments outside his country. He had without seen his pet for a few months.

Although he kept in touch with his mother through video calls, and could always see that his beloved dog was okay, nothing compares to being around our most beloved animals, so he had no choice but to wait for the moment to return to meet her.

When the family learned that their son was coming home, they decided to be more than ready. Apparently, the bond between the boy and Freya is so strong that his parents already expected that their meeting would be a real success. That is why they began to record a video from the first moment.

As soon as Freya perceives that her master is home, she runs to meet him with an overwhelming emotion.

We have no doubt that she has chosen this man as her favorite human in the world, and seeing how loving her master is, it’s not hard to see why.

Thousands of people have been moved by the remarkable emotion of Freya, who also does not stop crying knowing that the person she loves the most has returned to her side. The young man is also noticeably impressed and happy.

Freya gives herself completely to the love she feels for her dearest human

This could be one of the cutest and most special videos you see today, so why not share it with others and brighten their day?

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