Faithful Husky Sacrifices His Life Battling 4-Foot Cobra to Protect His Family

Dai-Bao was a beautiful Siberian puppy whose devotion, affection, and admiration for his family extended to inconceivable extremes, including self-sacrifice.

And it’s because everyone who saw pictures of this puppy with such glistening fur and captivating eyes as a lonely and depressed tiny street dog couldn’t believe it was the same animal.

Dai-Bao suffered from hunger, baldness, and a variety of diseases after a life of loneliness, abandonment, and helplessness on the streets. Domestic puppies are treated for these ailments from birth, but strays are not.

In early July 2019, a man named Ye Yufang Yap learned of his plight after seeing a Facebook post from a Taiping-based NGO that rescues stray animals.

It was a puppy abandoned on the streets of Houlang, Malaysia, in deplorable conditions. He went to feed his child since the images of him tore at his heart. What he witnessed was heartbreaking: he was malnourished, mistreated, dirty, and ill, and no one wanted to adopt him.

With just 14 kilos, a horrible skin disease, and extreme thinness from prolonged starvation, the Yap family consented to permanently adopt him at the request of the rescuers.

After only a few months, there was no trace of that frail, unwell, and underweight dog. And he developed into a wonderful, powerful, and caring furry.

And, while his family witnessed several expressions of devotion from the puppy as if to thank them for everything they had done for him, they had no clue how enormous his heart was, or how far his courage and fidelity would go.

On Saturday morning, the grandmother and the youngest member of the family were present at the family home. When the boy heard Dai Bao’s groans, he dashed to the garden to investigate. When he watched his small dog facing a scary 2-meter-long cobra, he was taken aback.

At one point, the brave Dai Baom loosened his jaws and was bitten, tumbling to the ground.

The youngster noticed his cat panting, his nose oozing, and his brows bulging. It was too late, despite the fact that they acted as soon as the parents got home and took him to the veterinarian.

Dai Bao’s owners discovered him challenging the cobra in the center of the entry door. Clearly, the puppy was the family’s best guardian angel, as the dangerous animal might have entered the house and attacked the child or grandmother.

The tiny dog looked to still owe them thanks for saving him, and he planned to reward them once more, but this time in a terrible as well as heroic way.

According to Ye Yufang, the dog died after dedicating his life for the entire family, and they chose to bury him near the house, under a huge tree that was one of his favorite sites.

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