A grieving puppy, shattered by loss, steadfastly chooses to remain beside his departed mother, unwilling to part ways.

In various instances, intense disputes concerning whether animals can have emotions have arisen on the internet. As animal lovers, we offer them our whole attention. Because we are acquainted with them, we have faith in their talents. They feel, they love, they get hungry, and when a loved one dies, they, too, are crushed and mourn.

Just as a mother’s love for her children is intense, so is children’s love for their parents, and even animals sense this. When he hesitated to leave his dead mother’s corpse, an Indian man found this extraordinary relationship between a puppy and his mother.

Many people did nothing when the dogs were found because they were unsure how the dogs would react (they were afraid to get close). In the meanwhile, they were all contemplating how to approach the problem. When Somi got to the location, he took the initiative and gently helped the dog.

Somi Gopalan had seen a photograph of the same dog, a puppy sleeping on her mother’s corpse, on Facebook a few days previously, but she had no clue where he was.

According to VoSD, the dog and his mother had been there for a week (The Voice of Stray Dogs). Some needed some time to figure out where the puppy was, and VoSD was unable to find the dogs at that period…

Some appropriately buried the puppy’s mother. He had to convince the puppy multiple times to join him, which was tough since the puppy did not want to leave his mother.

Unfortunately, his mother had dead and had been decomposing for many days. What a shame!

The most heartbreaking thing is that the images of the puppy cuddling his mother’s corpse is still going viral on social media. People have also disseminated the picture for selfish benefit, demanding contributions. It’s heartbreaking to realize that this is still happening.

Keep a watch out for anybody seeking to profit from the usage of such photographs. Fortunately, this puppy has already been rescued, and his mother has been put to rest. He’ll be alright shortly, and he’ll have enough love for the rest of his life.

We thank Somi and VoSD for their efforts in rescuing the puppy and arranging the appropriate burial of his mother.

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