A dog excavates a deep hole beneath a grave, although not for a deceased owner

A worried German Shepherd lingers over a person’s grave for days on end. Locals thought that the devoted pooch was lamenting her owner’s loss, but the reality was something else completely!

Visitors to a cemetery in Belgrade, Serbia, were bewildered when they noticed a concerned German Shepherd hanging near a person’s grave for days on end. The worried dog had dug a hole under the grave and would refuse to move from the area. Locals thought that the devoted pooch was lamenting her owner’s loss, but the reality was something else completely!

In a twist, the sad dog turned out to be a homeless creature frantically attempting to be a good mama to her newborn puppies. The graveyard hole was meant to be a temporary home to keep her 4 puppies warm and secure in the terrible weather. But despite her best attempts, the helpless mama dog was having an extraordinarily hard time feeding and rearing her fuzzy pups.

Luckily, an animal rescuer called Vesna Mihajloski rushed in to bail the mama dog out of her woes. She rescued the lean and haggard puppies from their “grave home” and transported them to the shelter. The mama dog was pleased to finally have a nice roof over her head and a warm bed for her lovely kids. With the required medical treatment and nutritional food, the lovely doggy family quickly started flourishing at the shelter!

Thanks to Vesna, the industrious mama dog is now rested and joyful. The puppies immediately started expressing their fun-loving, silly selves. What began as a heartbreaking tragedy has undoubtedly turned into a lovely little miracle created by the mama dog’s unwavering love for her puppies!

Click the video below to see the heart-rending journey of the loving mama dog and her 4 “graveyard puppies”.

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